How To Make The Most of Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare beneficiaries across the nations in the U.S have the option of enrolling in Medicare Part D to get help with their prescription drug costs. Although some considered it a gift for pharmaceutical companies, the legislation doesn’t even allow Medicare Geek to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies.
For the information of many, there is a bill that was passed in the House, where Mitch McConnell won’t bring a vote in the Senate that would save Medicare by $350 billion over ten years and consumers over $150 Billion at the same time.
When thinking of enrolling in Medicare Part D, an individual must make the best part of it. For example, a Medicare agent met a low-income senior beneficiary who’s going off with Medicaid and all the other free medication in Medicare Geek. Although some people qualify for Medicare and Medicaid, others can’t.
This beneficiary takes four medications for his heart problem, particularly heart disease, hypertension, and levothyroxine for thyroid issues. The prescribed drugs that the person could use are generic Norco, alprazolam that is good for sleep, desvenlafaxine (generic for Pristiq), and Trintellix excellent, but costly medication for major depressive disorder. On the website, the most affordable Medicare plans for the drug costs will be over $4000 per year or $1600 per month.
As part of Medicare Geek, we have come up with a solution. Are you interested? If yes, follow us all along!
The four heart medications and levothyroxine are in all tier one or two with our Medicare Advantage plans. If the person uses the plan’s mail order, the prescription drugs may be delivered every 90 days until they hit the donut hole, which is a temporary increase in your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.
Norco, desvenlafaxine, and alprazolam were all listed as tier 3s. This is probably because the company wants to discourage their use or their costs. Either way, they’re not costly medicines because each may price for about a maximum of about $15 per month. He could purchase that without his insurance plan.
Trintellix is now the big issue: We’re applying for the manufacturer’s patient assistance program. If he’s approved, they’ll mail it to him every 90 days. If not, the beneficiary can use his insurance plan, and it will probably cost less than $100 per month.
So with a little creativity, we’re taking his estimated drug costs from $4000+ to less than $2000, and if he’s approved for the PAP, his expenses will probably less than $500 for the year. For better or worse, this is how you make the most of Medicare Part D plans.
Need help?
If your Medicare Part D Plan doesn’t cover the prescription drugs you and your doctor think you need, you have a right to ask for an exception to get that medication covered. Contact Medicare Geek for more information.

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