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All Medicare plans are county and zip code based, so it's great if you can work with a consultant who knows the plans in your area, the providers, how to save money and how to make the best choices.  Making the wrong choices can have severe cost and access to care consequences.



We'll pair you with the best agent in your area to help you with your doctors, medications, concerns, etc.  We'll help you enroll in the best choices, whether or not we represent those particular companies.  

We also respect your privacy and follow HIPAA and all associated regulations.



You'll always have a contact at The Medicare Geek to help you answer customer service questions, lower your drug costs, maximize your benefits and find your way through the maze of healthcare in the United States.

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About The Medicare Geek


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Jason Blake started as a Medicare insurance agent in 2010.  Since then, he's helped over 2000 people with their Medicare choices.  He has an active book of about 1500 Medicare members.  For several years in a row, he was the #1 insurance agent in Hawaii working with Medicare beneficiaries.

In 2018, Jason partnered with Plan Advisors/Bishop insurance marketing to start training agents nationwide to succeed in the Medicare marketplace by helping their members to succeed with their plans.


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We understand the healthcare system can be overwhelming.  Our goal is to provide each member with a personal advocate to help them make wise plan choices, navigate customer service or billing issues, save on their prescription drug costs and take advantage of any ancillary benefits.

The same way you might have a State Farm or Farmers Insurance agent to help with your auto and home insurance.  We envision a country where everyone has a local Medicare Geek they can get help from.

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To the degree that you're comfortable, we'll help you connect with the platforms for your insurance, your pharmacy and other healthcare-related tools.  We also understand that you may not want this and may just want a friendly face to help you navigate the healthcare world "the old-fashioned way."



"... Saved me thousands in prescription drug costs."

                              -- Lois H.

"... Helped me choose the right plan for my very unique situation..."

                                 -- John T.

"... Made the very complicated very understandable."

                                  -- Edna B.

"... Kept me from having to spend hours on the phone with customer service."

                                  -- Steward B.

"... Helped me take advantage of benefits I didn't even know I had!"

                                  -- Sara L.



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