Essential Tips For Aging Into Medicare

Are you turning 65 this month or this year? It turns out, thousands of birthday buddies will join you this year upon their journey to the right Medicare coverage.
But, there are still people out there who are still confused by Medicare. Mainly how to enroll, when the enrollment period is, and what plan to enroll in. Moreover, the process of Medicare doesn’t need to be so complex. Here is the Medicare checklist prepared by Health Insurance Geeks to get you prepared upon your Medicare journey.
Do You Qualify For Medicare Part A?
Due to some people’s work history, they qualify for Medicare Part A. Accordingly, as a U.S. citizen with a permanent legal resident, you become eligible for Medicare as long you have been paying your taxes for at least ten years.
Figure Out Upon Going To Part B
As a rule, if you are currently employed, and your employer covers you, you don’t need to sign up for Part B until you retire. Some can’t take full Social Security benefits, so some delay their retirement for one year. On the other hand, if you are working for a small company, you’ll probably need to enroll for Medicare Part B when you’re first eligible. Be sure to talk about this to reliable Medicare consultants before your 65th birthday.
Know Which Doctors You Want To See
As you turn 65 and upon signing up in Medicare, know which doctors to see. It is better to find doctors that accept Medicare to avoid big surprises. If you are planning to move during your retirement, have a recommendation in your new hometown. Know whether they get Medicare patients or not. Likewise, Health Insurance Geeks can help you connect to local insurance geeks to guide you throughout your Medicare journey.
Understand The Gaps In Original Medicare
There are gaps in Medicare. In fact, it doesn’t cover 100% of health care costs. Instead, there will be a time where you’ll pay a portion out of it. Moreover, the prices for Medicare Plan Part A differ from Medicare Part B.
Part A will cover you, like:
Part B of Original Medicare covers the services including:
  • Doctors and therapy appointments
  • Lab work and diagnostic imaging
  • Medical equipment
  • Some cancer treatments
  • Outpatient surgeries
Find The Right Medicare Plan For You
As you approach age 65, you need to understand everything about Medicare. Make sure you know what Medicare plans you are taking and what plans will cover your medications.
Comparing Medicare plan features and costs doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to ask any concerns, reach us via email at or call us at 808-652-5210 to contact one of our local Health Insurance Geeks.
We’d love to connect you with Kauai Insurance Geeks to guide you through your Medicare plan options.

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