Becoming An Informed Medicare Consumer

Although Medicare protects customer rights, it is also important that seniors are mindful of these rights. It is more critical than ever to be an aware, empowered, and wise healthcare patient.
While knowing the healthcare system can be difficult, here are some basic steps you can take to becoming more knowledgeable as a Medicare consumer:
1. Work with Medicare experts
Many people offer insurance but look for a company that specializes in Medicare. Work only with Medicare-certified advisors who are informed about the local area and provide more than one firm. Often, make sure to consult with an expert who is constantly reviewing the strategy for better solutions that could become accessible year after year. Here at Medicare Geek, we help individuals with their Medicare enrollments and plans. We have the best local medicare agents with excellent knowledge to help beneficiaries get the best Medicare plan for themselves.
2. Protect personal information
Did you know that last year, nearly 17 million people are victims of identity theft? Or that senior-targeted IRS impersonation fraud was named one of the top ten scams in 2017 by the United States Senate? It is essential to be on the lookout for scammers if you want to keep your details secure. Before working with insurance agents, make sure that they are reliable. If you are turning 65 years old, local medicare agents here in Medicare Geek can help you.
3. Know your Medicare rights
People over the age of 65 who participate in Medicare have many protections. That includes their right to privacy, freedom from discrimination and abusive activities, health care benefits, and more. Make sure that you know every aspect of it. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.
3) If you see or suspect Medicare fraud, report it!
According to some statistics, Medicare fraud costs up to $98 billion a year. That equates to nearly 10 to 11% of the entire Medicare or Medicaid budget. Since theft always goes unreported, determining the exact sum is challenging. Therefore make sure to examine your Statement of Benefits and any lawsuits that have been filed on your behalf. Medicare fraud increases the cost of Medicare, so be on the lookout!
Choosing a Medicare Plan
There’s no denying that Medicare can be perplexing. You’re currently feeling confused by Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C (Medicare Advantage), Part D, Medigap, and all the other alternatives. According to one report, seniors take great caution in selecting a package when they first enroll in Medicare, but they don’t move options later. They did their homework the first time because most did not want to revise.
Don’t be taken in by this way of thought. You’re not alone!
Medicare Geek is rooting for you. We’ll do everything for you and assist you in locating the Medicare plan that’s best for you. The best part is that we do so at no cost to you. Every year, from October 15th to December 7th, there is an Open Enrollment Period. This is your chance to discover and change arrangements to suit your needs better. Don’t just go with the flow.
If you need any help, contact us right away. We will provide you with a local medicare agent around your area to work with.

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