An Attitude of Gratitude From Medicare Consultants

People say there’s always something to be grateful for, and that’s true! This time of the year even drives us to express our gratitude to our aging parents. Cultivating a helping hand as they reach the age of 65 by helping them in their challenging times is with their chronic health issues, mobility issues, cognitive concerns, and other concerns mean so much more.
Working in Medicare Geek and becoming one of the most trusted health insurance geeks allows a person to feel what it’s like to be a senior and how many are below the poverty line. In simpler words, it is staggering. As the Kaiser Family Foundation emphasizes, as of 2017, about 7 million people who are 65 or older had incomes below the supplemental poverty measure.
Also, they estimated the poverty line based on the SPM indicates. Hence, the number and share of seniors struggle financially and are more extensive than when based on the official supplemental poverty measure.
What’s more?
The 2019 Federal Poverty levels in Georgia and Chicago for a single person is around $12490. This means that per month, there will be around $1040.83. Moreover, in Hawaii, around $14,380 will be the rent annually or maybe around $1198.33.
Also, most senior living properties takes time before an individual gets in. The cheapest rent is $500-600 per month. Have you ever imagine trying to make ends meet on that? As a Health Insurance Geeks, it is essential to become an expert to save your members’ every single penny, especially seniors.
What do they get?
Here at Lead Geeks Insurance, we help people to be on the right Medicare plan. Hence, this means providing what’s best for them for their insurance plans, drug plan costs, and hospital needs.
Medicare consultants are here to give guidance and input learnings on the best ways to help them with their prescription drugs, patient assistance program and learning what level in Medicaid a person suits.
Moreover, analyzing the best Medicare plan for them may allow you to save $10 on a PCP visit. But the good news is, getting a senior qualified for Medicare Savings Program and their Social Security Deposit may help a lot! Why? That is because a person can save over $130 per month for life.
Spend all the time with your loved ones and allow yourself to celebrate all and be grateful for everything. A small act of gratitude by going out there and helping older adults to save money is overwhelming. Along the way, you get to make money. Isn’t that a dream come true?
If you want to ask any concerns, reach us via email at or call us at 808-652-5210 or a free in-home consultation or for additional resources that can help improve total well being for a senior you love. We’d love to connect you with local Medicare agents to help you address your concerns.

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