5 Ways Around High Drug Costs with Medicare

Unsustainably high prescription drug prices are a concern for many. Prescription drugs are used by more than 75% of seniors, and one-third of people over the age of 65 use an average of six prescription drugs. With statistics like these, it’s no surprise that prescription costs are among Michigan’s Medicare beneficiaries‘ top concerns.
Even if Medicare Part D or private insurance assists in covering prescription costs, there are still co-pays, coinsurance, and coverage gaps that require beneficiaries to pay out of pocket. These costs can be a financial drain, stretching fixed incomes to the breaking point. Furthermore, it may drive beneficiaries to engage in risky behaviors such as rationing or preceding prescriptions.
If you’re willing to research and reach out for assistance about Medicare services in Michigan (prescription and drug coverage) can be less expensive. Here are the top 5 strategies to help you take control of your drug coverage and medication costs.

Compare Medicare plans

Enrollment is the first step toward reducing your drug costs. When selecting a Medicare plans Part D, consider the prescription coverage included. You have to consider co-pays, deductibles, limits, and how they will influence your prescription costs. To start comparing Medicare Part D and supplemental Prescription Drug Plans, you can ask for help from us.

Talk to your Prescriber

Many prescriptions are long-term, and taking them can become a regular habit. You can eliminate redundancy, cut drugs entirely, or discover better alternatives by taking an inventory of your prescriptions and talking with the person in charge of Prescription Medicare services in Michigan who prescribes them for you. Inquire about the 90-day supply as well. This will help reduce the cost of many medications.

Pharmaceutical assistance programs

Some pharmaceutical companies offer support to help people with Medicare drug coverage pay for medications (Part D). Not every company offers discounted rates on every drug. Still, whenever they do, these programs might be an effective way to fill your medication needs, notably for high-priced or specialized prescriptions. Find out if your state has a Pharmaceutical Assistance Program that can help you end up saving money on prescription drugs.

Generics or lower-cost drugs

There could be generic or less costly brand-name medications that perform just as well as the ones you’re already taking. Check with your doctor to see whether these are viable choices for you. Using mail-order pharmacies may also lead to significant savings on prescription drugs.

Discount Prescription cards

Prescription discount cards are also available at pharmacy stores that offer similar savings. Perhaps better, an increasing number of prescription cards now provide delivery services with even better discounts.

Need any help? We got you!

Prescription drugs will help you live a better life or even save your life. By investing some time in testing, you can ensure that you won’t be priced out of the prescriptions you need. Medicare Geek can help you with your Medicare plans and prescription drug costs.
If you need any Medicare services in Michigan, talk to us. We will help you connect with a local medicare agent in Michigan.

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