For Agents...

Our goal at The Medicare Geek is to get every agent we're working with to a book of Medicare members of 500 or more as quickly as possible.  You can do this two ways:

If you're not currently aligned with an agency, you can align with us and all of the training and support is free.  Check out our video on the benefits of aligning with us as an agency if you'd like to explore this.


Perhaps you're already aligned with an agency you love but you're looking for training to take you to the next level.  You can pay a monthly subscription fee and get all of the training that is available to our contracted agents.

The Medicare Geek is part of a nationwide FMO called Plan Advisors.  Plan Advisors is in a 50 states and has over 4400 agents nationwide.  For the benefits of Plan Advisors, check out:  As an affiliate with The Medicare Geek, you'll not only receive all of the benefits of Plan Advisors, you'll also get one-on-one training, free access to our proprietary training website and additional support with marketing, including your first year of free targeted mailings to people turning 65 in your area.

Either way, all of the training is virtual so you can do it on your own time, at your own pace in your own home or office.  We believe that's the wave of the future and we want to lead you there.  For more information on either, check out our YouTube Channel here: or our training website here:

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